Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Sonoma Mulls Separating Sheriff- Coroner

While Humboldt County considers consolidating its Sheriff and Coroner's offices, a task force in Sonoma County suggests separating theirs. Sonoma County's offices are currently combined and some aren't happy with the way the Coroner handled the shooting of a teenager last year.

Humboldt is considering (did they do it yet?) consolidation for financial reasons. Some in Sonoma recommend it to avoid undue influence during investigations. I'm not sure that's all that valid a reason, although the concern is. Seems to me, even if the agencies are separate, they still work pretty closely together. Probably the same sort of relationship police departments in neighboring cities have with each other.

Whatever. I believe most counties have the offices combined and can't recall too many complaints with either arrangement. Reasons for or against consolidation seem to amount to six one way, half a dozen the other.


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