Friday, February 13, 2015

Make Contact Now?

The Telegraph reports a movement afoot to contact alien civilizations. Rather than just listening for them as is done at the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence sites, some say we need to target likely planets and send messages to them. 

Kind of a neat idea, but it's rightly pointed out if we do make contact, those aliens might not be friendly. What happens if we contact the Cylons or The Borg by mistake?

Then again, figure it's going to take thousands of years for radio signals to get to even the closest galaxy. And, as the story mentions, we've been sending out signals to space for at least 70 years already, albeit not intentionally. Any critters out there could probably pick up those signals already. 

So what's the point in deliberately sending signals? I'm not sure it makes sense, but it might be fun.


At 1:08 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

We have been on this planet for millions of years.


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