Tuesday, February 24, 2015

The Telegraph: Neat Paper

I've enjoyed reading articles from the British newspaper, The Telegraph, for some time now. Just recently I started getting all kinds of stuff from them on my Facebook feed. Don't remember subscribing to that feed but no problem. Just about every article seems interesting and I'd follow the links to read them. 

Until the other day when I clicked on one of their stories only to see a message that I'd used up my ten free views for the month. I had no idea they were, or had turned into, a pay site. Bummer. Great stories and I don't want to ration them as I do stories from the L.A. Times. Six pounds per month to subscribe. Isn't that $12.00 U.S., or more? Too expensive for me.

Addendum: Currently a pound is equal to 1.55 dollars so a monthly subscription would be a bit over $9.50.


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