Thursday, February 19, 2015

State of Emergencies and Drug Free Zones

The Times- Standard reports Sheriff Mike Downey has declared a local state of emergency in Humboldt as a result of the last storm. No real surprise as it seems we often do that when we get more than an inch of rain in a day. Then again, I believe this is the first such declaration I might have heard of in a while. Somebody been slacking off at the courthouse?
I was watching KIEM TV News last night, but not paying much attention. There was some mention of an effort afoot to increase the number of Drug Free Zone signs placed around schools. Again, not paying close enough attention so forget the exact details.

I wrote before about those Drug Free Zone signs back in 2006. Ever notice them? I didn't think much of them when I did, until I found out what they meant. What they mean is if you're inside one of those zones- within 1000 feet of a school- you're subject to enhanced penalties for any sort of drug violation. I believe this is some federal thing.

You could be growing two pot plants for your own use, no problem. But if you're living within a Drug Free Zone- say, two blocks from the school- you're subject to serious penalties for having drugs near a school. Downright silly as far as I'm concerned.

I was surprised that today's KIEM News poll shows only 42% agreeing with the statement that all schools be required to post Drug Free Zone signs. I voted NO, of course, but you'd think there would be more than 42% wanting more of those signs. After all, we have to DO SOMETHING!


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