Thursday, March 05, 2015

Here, Yeller!

Come back, Yeller!

We watched most of the old Disney movie Old Yeller last night. I'm not sure I've ever watched the movie before. I might have, but was too young to remember if I did. I did know the story from one of those old sound track records from back in the day. Couldn't watch it, but they'd have the voices and sound effects. Back then that was about the same as watching the movie.

Even listening to the record would bring tears to your eyes at the end. That's why when we got to the point in the movie where Yeller ends up fighting with a wolf, and we knew he was going to get rabies, Connie asked if I wanted to keep watching or switch to something else. She didn't want to see Yeller get shot. Neither did I, and we watched Jeopardy instead.

Best doggone dog in the west!


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