Sunday, March 15, 2015

Kirby Company Coming To Your House?

Another one of those young kid sales things I guess. You know, "Vote for me!", but not quite. I answer a knock on the door yesterday to find two good looking, well dressed young teenagers starting to walk away. The guy turns back, gives me his flier and says they'll clean any room in my house for free.

I told him I was busy and wasn't interested right at the moment. He made a last ditch attempt at a sale by saying it costs me nothing, but he still gets paid to clean a room. I just told him I was too busy right then and he and the gal left.

I took a look at the flier, sub titled Dry Foam. It's the way to clean your carpet. So, I'm guessing they'd clean the carpet, not the whole room? Whatever. At least it had a phone number, unlike some other shady fliers I've seen. Not our area code, though.

I showed the flier to the wife. She pointed out it was the Kirby Company, the door to door vacuum cleaner sales folks. I hadn't seen that at the bottom. They likely clean the room and then try to sell you the appliance. Not for me, but maybe they'll be by your house this week?
Just as an aside, and I'm not inferring these kids aren't on the straight and narrow: Years ago, heck decades ago, a friend of mine who was a retired sheriff's deputy told me they had a strong suspicion about a couple guys going door to door in Myrtletown selling Kirby vacuum cleaners. 

Many of the houses they visited ended up being burglarized shortly thereafter. They suspected the guys- one of whom I was very vaguely acquainted with- were getting inside the house and would open an window or some such while there to allow entry later. I don't think they were ever caught.


At 10:25 AM, Blogger Julie Timmons said...

They had a post on CityData recently about people in the Charleston SC area being hired to go door to door "gathering information" and selling something, never figured out what. Most of the neighborhoods have No Soliciting posted prominently which at least discourages them.

At 12:37 PM, Blogger MOLA:42 said...

They would have to get past my dogs first.

That should slow them down by a few seconds and a doggie treat....


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