Saturday, March 07, 2015

The Squires and Housing

The Rev. Eric Duff wrote yesterday about his early experiences in getting his first rental in Eureka. He rented first from Floyd and Betty Squires, the supposedly evil landlords we read about time and again. His experience, as was mine, wasn't unpleasant. He goes on to give some suggestions as to how we can improve living conditions for the less than desirable rentals in town.

The first place we rented when coming to Eureka back in '73 was also from the Squires, but from the parents, Floyd and Ruth Ann. They had a nice set of apartments up on Pigeon Point Road. We rented a five bedroom which might have been a mistake as it was $500 a month. That was our total monthly income between the two of us.

They were always nice to us. They'd even hire us starving college kids to do painting at their various rentals. We appreciated the opportunity. That's how I met Floyd Jr. He and his wife needed some painting done so we ended up working for them on a job or two. The one I remember was on the corner of California and Harris in Eureka. They were nice enough and treated us well.

As has been mentioned elsewhere, the Squires often rent to people no one else would rent to. Not sure if I fit that category, or not, lol. I also can't help but think there's lots of truth to Floyd Jr. claiming the poor conditions of some of his rentals are the result of tenant abuse but, as Eric Duff suggests, there's probably plenty of blame to share.

Still, some people just don't care enough to keep things up. I got a little peeved with recent coverage of the Blue Heron closure where they published a picture of the floor of one of the rooms with either urine or something else in a puddle on the floor- the suggestion being Floyd Jr. was responsible. Floyd and Betty didn't put that there. The tenant did. 

Eric Duff gives some suggestions on how to provide decent housing, including forming public/ private partnerships. That's fine, but I think he's not giving enough consideration to the kinds of people that tend to run places down no matter how good the place was to begin with.


At 9:23 AM, Blogger Julie Timmons said...

I agree.

At 10:04 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

My first experience with Floyd & Betty Squires, was paying a deposit and first months rent on a property and then never getting the keys, nor a refund.

Then my friend was renting from the Squires. She noticed that items continued to come up missing in her apartment.

This went on for a few months. Then setting a trap, she came home unexpectedly on three occasions. On the third time, she caught Floyd Squires in her apartment.
She confronted him and he pulled out a pistol and threatened her.

She made a police report and nothing ever came from it. So she gave notice and moved, but never received her deposit back.

At 10:34 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Holy shit, that's quite the story anon

At 11:02 AM, Blogger Fred Mangels said...

I recall Floyd Jr. getting into a fight with a tenant at his California Street apartments. Broke the tenant's leg. It was in the news. Don't recall whatever came of that.

At 11:13 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Was there something wrong with my comment? Don't see it up here...

At 12:24 PM, Blogger Fred Mangels said...

I don't see any comments for this post awaiting moderation or in the spam file. Try it again.

I get all comments via e-mail. Unfortunately, I'm not told when they've been sent to spam or being held for moderation unless they're made on posts over three days old.

I just looked and didn't see any recent comments being withheld.

At 4:20 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Earthquake damage, old roofs, half assed illegal repairs, the passage of time and the laws of physics are not caused by lurky tenants. My Dad was a building inspector and was constantly working on our old house in Mck. And lemme tell you thete's a biiig difference between a 100 yr old house in Eureka and a 100 yr old house in MckVille. I see a lot of old buildings that aren't getting the maintenance they need. I've lived down the street from one of his properties and the 'improvments he has made are a joke. The tenants are a sweet older lady and her son. If he lived in a shithole himself thst would be one thing, but he doesn't. He seems to understand a stitch in time saves nine with his house,

At 2:15 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Any idea if these people are related to Rod and/or Ruth Squires from Willow Creek. Thinking of renting from them

At 2:37 PM, Blogger Fred Mangels said...

They probably are. Rodney Squires is the son of Floyd Sr. and Ruth, and brother to Floyd Jr. They also have a sister whose name escapes me, although I met her once.

I had no idea what happened to Rodney, so not sure if he'd be living in Willow Creek. I know Floyd Sr. and Ruth used to live in Weitchpec, but since Floyd died some years ago, maybe Ruth moved to Willow Creek? Then again, I could be remembering wrong, but I thought Ruth died, too, in the last few years.


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