Friday, April 17, 2015

Get Off My Back!

That's my new favorite, funny expression. More of a phrase than an expression, I suppose, but I find it hysterical for some reason. I don't believe I ever used it in my life until a week or so ago.

The wife was bugging me about cancelling Dish Network. Ok, she just mentioned it a couple times. Then the other day when I came home there's a note by this computer saying "Call Dish". I'm like, would you STOP? Then I thought, no. Would you get off my back??? 

Too funny, and I thought of all the times I might have seen someone else say that on TV or wherever. Makes me laugh. You know, the guy's all pissed off, finally turns and yells "WOULD YOU GET OFF MY BACK!". Lol. When Connie came home I yelled it at her, but couldn't keep a straight face so it didn't have much impact.

I've been looking for other situations to use it. Dish Network comes to mind. We keep getting e-mails and phone messages warning us to send our receiver back or they're going to get us one way or the other. Just got another one a few minutes ago and Connie had already left to take the receiver to UPS. I feel like calling or e-mailing them and saying WOULD YOU GET OFF MY BACK!!!

Anthem Blue Cross deserves the same. They keep calling and leaving automated messages reminding me to make an appointment with my medical provider. What business that is of theirs, I don't know, since Redwood Family Practice doesn't accept their insurance. Something like three or four messages in the last three days for that.

Last  night I e-mailed them through their web site. I wrote that I don't know why they keep bugging me about seeing my doctor since Redwood Family Practice doesn't accept their insurance and, with that in mind, would they GET OFF MY BACK??? Yep, I did, but didn't use the caps.

Who can I use it on next?


At 2:39 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

wait, can you go back to the RMFP doesn't accept Anthem Blue Cross again?

I thought they had fixed that long ago last year?

ah geez...grrr

At 6:23 PM, Blogger Fred Mangels said...

If I'm reading you right you're asking about an earlier post I made saying I thought RFP accepted Covered California, which I get through Anthem Blue Cross.

Yep, I thought they'd cut a deal with ABC since the receptionist told me they were "now billing Covered California". I only paid $25 for that visit, until I got a bill a few weeks later from them for $45.

I called and asked about that not too long ago. Apparently, they'll bill ABC/Covered California, but that's it. They're still not a "Network Provider", so their billing them doesn't mean much.

At least it's better than when RFP gave me a receipt earlier on and I submitted the bill myself. They sent it back saying the bill wasn't specific enough. I was just trying to have the expense deducted from my $10k deductible and that didn't even work.

This last time, after they sent the bill in, at least it showed up on ABC's web site as applied to my deductible, even though I had to pay full cost for the visit.

I'll be looking elsewhere for medical care when it comes to the point I have to go in all the time.

So, HEY! Get off my back!!!


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