Friday, May 29, 2015

What A Tracfone Deal!

I've never paid much attention to the special deals Tracfone keeps sending me for my phone, except the promotional codes that give me a free twenty minutes when I renew my activation. I did pay attention to the e-mail offer I got in my inbox today. No time added, but it keeps you active with Tracfone for a year for only $50.00. 

What a deal! For someone like me that rarely uses his phone, has lots of time saved up and doesn't need to buy more time, that's worth considering. That's less than $5.00 a month if I'm doing the math right. I pay about $7.00 a month now with 60 minutes time that's good for 3 months.

And I just noticed a pop up window on the link they provided for $15.00 off. Not sure if that's $15 off this deal they e-mailed me about- so $35 for a year- or something else. I might well bite on this one.


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