Friday, July 10, 2015

A Half Hearted Plug for Dashlane

I'll give Dashlane a plug if only because they seem to have the most customer oriented service and tech support I've experienced. They make a password generator application so you can log in easily to sites requiring passwords. Quite honestly, I couldn't care less about the password stuff, and can't imagine how very many people would. 

I wanted to use it for its automatic form filling function. I had problems getting started with it so e-mailed their tech support. They e-mailed me back within a day. I eventually sorted out some of the problem but they e-mailed me back a couple days later to see if everything is ok. I replied, asking another question. They e-mailed back and e-mailed back yet a few days later to see if I had it straightened out.

I was impressed. It seemed like they actually cared, even though it's a free program. Will I be using their product? Nope. Well, maybe. See below.

After spending days trying to get it set up on my new tablet, it simply won't do what I want, and my last e-mail told them as much. The deal breaker? You can't import bookmarks to their browser and you can't use their form filler with anything but their browser. What use a tablet browser would be without the ability to import bookmarks is beyond me.

You could go search and find web sites you need bookmarked, then add them to the Dashlane browser. Except that would be a pain in the ass. Might be ok for a one time deal and real simple urls but, longer extended addresses with lots of characters? Yuck! Not happy with that prospect.

But, as I told Romy, the tech support guy or gal, the form filler I use on my desktop, Roboform, is just as bad with the tablet. I haven't been able to get it to work, either. My next try might be installing Firefox. If I can't figure a work around, I'm out of luck.
Another thing I thought of trying was saving my bookmarks as an html file. Put the text on a web page on my freeservers account, then use Dashlane to go to that page to copy and paste the url into the Dashlane browser. That assumes there's a way to bookmark stuff in Dashlane. I'm pretty sure I saw a bookmark link. 

Either that, or make the bookmarks on the web page active links. Then I'd only have to go to that one page, click on the link I want, then bookmark it on the Dashlane browser. Hmmm...? That might work. Seems pretty easy in thinking about it. I'll give that a try.

Update: It works. I tried exporting my bookmarks from Firefox, copying and pasting them to my web editor, then editing and uploading them to my Freeservers site. The way I tried it first, it didn't work well because the links weren't active. That would mean I'd have to go through a big hassle turning them into active links.

Then I tried opening the actual bookmarks file in my web authoring tool, editing and then uploading. Works fine. How it will work with the tablet? I'll find out in an hour or so after beer o'clock when I'm playing with the tablet again.


At 8:11 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

ipad2 has been said to have intentionally not been updated, if that's what you have, it's been bricked.

Maybe yours too.

I hate that...if they didn't I'd still be using Mac OS9..haha


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