Friday, July 10, 2015

A Libertarian Democrat?

No, I just needed a title.

There's been back and forth between the Left, Right and libertarians for years about which party represents more freedom and which are the "fascists". I feel the answer is fairly obvious as who do we hear most often running down the libertarians and talk of less government or taxes? Democrats and those further to the left. 

Something I always bring up is that I've heard many a Republican say that one thing or another shouldn't be government business. I've never heard that from a Democrat. Never. Until now. In USA Today California State Assembly Democrat Mike Gatto tells us why the recent strengthening of vaccination laws is unconstitutional:

"But could the government mandate that everyone use condoms to stop the spread of HIV? Such intimate decisions are not for government to make."

Not exactly as strongly written as I would have liked, and keep in mind Democrats have been pushing condom requirements for actors in porn films, but close enough for me. I stand corrected. But, no, that doesn't make him a libertarian.


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