Sunday, July 05, 2015

Was It Something We Said?

Someone that moved to Arcata a couple years ago didn't like it according to this Craigslist ad:

Why did I come to Humboldt? (Arcata)

I came to Arcata because I heard it was a great place to live so I brought my family. I found a full time job working with a local company. I shop only at local, small businesses. I believe in being a part of the community. However, I found something very different. I found a community that was "locals only". I found an area that was not welcoming. I don't understand it. Without migration from "non-locals", your area is doomed to fail. I am very aware of how Humboldt works and how it functions. Marijuana will be legalized. It's coming. You are going to need people like me who believe in the community and small business. After 2 years, I have decided to take my family and move on. Best of luck Humboldt. You are going to need it.

Might have been more fun of a read if they'd been more specific. Anyone have a guess as to why? Fess up if you might have been one of those who chased them off. Meanies!


At 10:20 AM, Blogger Julie Timmons said...

Whiners! We're better off without them.

At 10:37 AM, Blogger Fred Mangels said...

I still would have been interested in hearing the who, where and when type stuff.

At 11:58 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Seems pretty clear to me. Who? Growers. Where? Arcata. When? Now.

You have to admit that there are lots of outlaws in humboldt. They aren't the type of people to be super social. They are the type to be guarded about meeting new people.

My experience has been that humboldt isnt a horribly easy place to meet pepole and it's not the easiest place to raise a family either.

I'll admit that I've been disappointed in the social opportunities in Humboldt. People like to keep to themselves. Here's one example. Drive though eureka on any given afternoon and notice how many blinds are drawn. It's seriously like 75%. I always imagine a tv, a beer and shot of whiskey behind the curtains....

At 1:17 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have a few who, when, wheres about Arcata that match the letter above. To put my image in context for you, I'm a very ordinary looking middle aged woman with clean, nice clothes and accessories. I drive a nice car. None of that apparently matters in Arcata. One time I was in the fabric store with a friend and her daughter, we were chatting about how the daughter was going to use the fabrics we were buying for her project. The shop owner looked down at us and said in about the haughtiest tone you can imagine "If there's any advice given in this shop, it's ME who gives it." She wasn't kidding, she wasn't being polite at all and then she ran down the street screaming at us after we put the fabric down on the counter and left without buying anything... Another time, I was walking in the Coop parking lot and nearly killed by an Arcata police car in way too much hurry to arrest a shoplifter. No apology despite being in a clearly marked crosswalk... Another time, Plaza Design (now gone)... I walked in with a pile of $$ to buy a loveseat that me and hubby had sat in the previous week. Owner was super nice when hubby was there, when I went back to actually buy it she was rude as rude can be and accused me of being homeless which is rather stupid considering I was trying to buy a sofa! Obviously I left without buying anything... Another time, Angels of Mercy Thrift store... the guy behind the counter and another guy take one look at me and start ranting about how All Politicians Are Crooks and They Should Kill Them All. Not particularly friendly ... Another time, sat down for 10 minutes reading a book, sitting on a bench in the Plaza waiting for hubby's yoga class to let out. Arcata police on bike "you can't sit there, you've been here too long, move along." ... So after that, we took the cops advice and moved along. No more Arcata; haven't spent a dime there in a LONG time, I don't even get off the freeway there anymore.


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