Wednesday, July 01, 2015

That New Vaccination Law: SB 277

The Lost Coast Outpost reports on the Governor signing a law strengthening vaccination requirements. Mine was the second comment made to the story. Mostly things I've written before here and elsewhere. Here it is:

I find this rather disturbing. I happen to be pro vaccination, but I don't think a good case was made for strengthening vaccination requirements. I write this as someone whose wife lost immunity to measles from a bone marrow transplant so was at greater risk than most.

The recent measles "epidemic" consisted of a few over 200 people in multiple states. Hardly enough to be called an epidemic, except for measles being pretty rare in this country.

Over half the people infected were those already vaccinated. Not only that, but the hotbeds of anti- vax sentiment, Marin County and Santa Cruz, didn't have spikes of infections (we had to stay in Marin during the "epidemic". Rather unnerving but no harm done). I just don't see a compelling case for this law. 

The other side is you're essentially talking of holding someone down and injecting someone with something they believe- I think wrongfully- is very dangerous for them. I would think doing that to someone is justification for strong resistance, including deadly force. Think about if someone tried to inject something into you that you greatly feared.

This law isn't something that should be applauded.

I guess I shouldn't be surprised an anonymous pro- vax commenter chose to go after me. Nor should I be surprised he or she apparently didn't even read what I wrote, ignoring that I'm pro- vax and the wife can't be vaccinated for measles and thus is vulnerable.

He or she gives a few of the vaccination talking points, including we'll have major epidemics without this new law. I pointed out again the last "epidemic" showed the spread of disease wasn't too wide and eventually seemed to poop out on its own under the old standards. He or she ignored that.

Funny how some people feel they have to pick a fight with you even when you pretty much agree with them overall, except for the need of a new law.

I will admit to being somewhat surprised that comment only got 4 up ticks as of last time I looked. 145 comments, and only 4 up ticks? Then I realized most people don't understand not taking a hard line on an issue one way or the other. You're either for something or against it.


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