Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Dan Walters Does Tom Steyer

The Sacramento Bee's Dan Walters takes a look at the hypocrisy of billionaire green mouthpiece, Tom Steyer's, complaints about high gas prices. Walters is being too diplomatic. If nothing else, it's pretty clear that Tom Steyer and his ilk are the ones who gave us high prices to begin with. 

"Just two months ago, at UC Berkeley, Schremp laid out the cost factors for nearly all of the 52.1-cent-per-gallon differential between California and the rest of the nation for “reformulated” fuel. They were higher taxes, 17 cents; higher production costs, 10 cents; cap-and-trade fees, 10 cents; and “an isolated market,” 10-plus cents."

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Yet Steyer points fingers as if it's some sort of conspiracy. Is Steyer is really so stupid he believes that?

Addendum: I almost forgot: Saw a thing on CNN a while back and have heard it elsewhere since. I forget the exact reason, but they're thinking we could see a large nationwide drop in gas prices within the next few months. One writer saying we might see $2.00 a gallon gas by December.


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Today's Chronicle has a story in the Business section about his solution to the income gap. He will introduce today the "Fair Shake Commission on Income Inequality and Middle Class Opportunity".
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