Wednesday, August 05, 2015

Good News From The County Animal Shelter

The Times- Standard has a short story on the county animal shelter this morning. I was surprised, and pleased, to read they haven't had to euthanize any animals since they opened in 2004. Who'da thunk?

They mentioned this web site where you can search for adoptable animals. It's not strictly for Humboldt but apparently animals from all over, including Canada. But, you can search for animals in your local area. 

I tried a search of the county animal shelter in Mckinleyville and was surprised that a majority of the dogs shown were pit bull terriers, or some variation thereof. That seems strange as a lot of the dogs I see out and about are the same kind. I'm not partial to them myself but, you'd think if so many are living around Eureka, they'd be more in demand and less likely to be in shelters. I guess not.


At 9:11 AM, Blogger Julie Timmons said...

It's pretty logical that breeds that are popular in the local area would be proportionately found in our shelters. Even 15 years ago when I brought my dog home from the Humane Society, a huge proportion of the dogs in their shelter were pit and pit mixes. LouLou is 18 now- they're not supposed to live that long- and she can no longer jump up into the car-but I drag a heavy ramp out for her and will do until the end. Shelter dogs are the best, and pits are the best breed unless they're ruined by jerks who encourage them to be aggressive.


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