Sunday, April 10, 2016

The Press- Democrat Does The Mighty Eel River

Probably all you need to know about our very own Eel River in the Santa Rosa Press- Democrat this morning. I  jokingly refer to it as the mighty Eel. Not sure where I got that. Probably watching some TV show about larger, stronger rivers. I usually say the same thing about the mighty Van Duzen when crossing its bridge on 101.


At 8:26 AM, Blogger Henchman Of Justice said...

Sonoma County water managers say the imported Eel River water plays a crucial role in protecting fish in the Russian River and providing water to communities from Ukiah to Healdsburg. “It’s all one system. It all has to work together,” said Pam Jeane, the Water Agency’s assistant general manager.

Pauli, 65, who in addition to ranching also serves as a board member on the Potter Valley Irrigation District, said the water transfer has transformed the 7,000-acre valley into an agricultural powerhouse that produces $15 million worth of grapes and pears a year. Distributed through canals to 390 ranches, the water keeps the valley green as the surrounding hills turn gold, an Eden visible from airlines passing 36,000 feet overhead.

“A whole economy, a whole way of life evolved over this water,” Pauli said.

HOJ response:

1) It is NOT 1 big system, but an unnatural taking for I'll gotten economic gains.

2) Diversion also is for extra water to dilute all the piss and shit that consumers put into the Russian river where poop floats atop the water surface, and in summer, swimmers avoid long stretches of the Russian river between Santa Rosa and Guerneville/Cazadero.

3) Water diverted to areas not naturally set up for agriculture of 630+/- ranches, 15 million in agriculture of pears, etc....

4) The wine industry and it's 15+ million in ag products.

5) The scrub alien laborers being allowed to earn wealth of water theft.

6) The elite ag property owner who makes a lifestyle for their families off of I'll gotten gains.

7) The manufactured conspiracy by government, PGE, land owners, set up failure for the future by taking something by theft, creating dependents of I'll gotten gains so that later when thieves are challenged and threatened with loss of water, thieves whine about "the now, the money, the I'll gotten lifestyle.

7) PGE is an environmental polluter and damages the earth .........FAR MORE THAN DOPE GROWERS, FAR MORE!

At 9:53 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bleeding heart article to demean food growers of the nation, force them out, starve the people? Meanwhile they don't build new modern dams to replace the decrepit ones they blow down. They don't build new reservoirs or other rain water cachement systems.
They can take their bleeding heart story and shove it.

At 8:16 PM, Blogger Henchman Of Justice said...

Food Growers is a label best reserved for honest, ethical businesses and private home gardeners, not those who benefit from I'll gotten gains.

Water is meant to flow freely, but alas, even California bureaucrats will alter that mission statement when corporate crony cousins come collectin' cuz country clans can't allowing water theft for transportation out of the natural waterways.

If there was a near perfect revenge action, it would be to steal the sunshine from all the places where stolen water is transported too. Heck, could even take all their land, convert it to solar panels, then send all the green energy to regions where water is stolen.

Fuck metropolises and city people.

At 9:46 PM, Blogger Sally Sheffield said...

That was a very good article from the Santa Rosa Press Democrat. The devastation to our environment caused by greed is heartbreaking. Hopefully, we can learn from past mistakes and avoid future tragedies. Presently, we must repair and salvage what we can.


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