Tuesday, May 17, 2016

My New Toy

I decided I'd like to have another tablet in anticipation of future hospital stays. I really loved my last one.I looked around and found this Amazon Fire listed for just over $60.00. I bought one last week for about $57.00 through amazon dot com. It arrived yesterday.

Too soon for a review, of course, but I was surprised to see it come with no user manual. No instructions at all for how to get started with it, aside from a small card with a picture of the tablet and some images pointing to various parts of the tablet. I wasn't even sure how to turn it on, or how long I needed to charge it.. They do have an instruction manual you can buy. That seems kinda rude. I'd expect the user manual to be part of the original purchase.

I figued out the on/off button by myself pretty quickly if only because it was in the same spot as on my last tablet. Kinda hard to tell if it worked at first, though, since the tablet had no power. After a few hours of charging I got some letters to show up on the screen.

One thing I didn't like about this tablet, even before I bought it, is it seems to be wifi only. No data downloads at 4G that would allow it to be used anywhere as my old tablet had. I really loved that old one. I looked around and found some units that offered 4G but they were either too expensive or required monthly fees. I settled on wifi only.

After charging it a couple hours last night I turned it on and it started taking me through the set up process. About the second page I came to it said I needed wifi to continue and showed a bunch of available wifi networks, although I wasn't sure if they were secure networks and didn't try to tap into them. I recognized the first network name having seen it on my smartphone before and believe I was connected to it. I'll turn on the phone in a little while and see which networks I'm connected to, then choose one for setting up the tablet.

We'll see how this works, then I can go to Amazon add my review to the others.


At 11:49 AM, Blogger Sally Sheffield said...

Glad you got the tablet, Fred. It looked like the manual has to be ordered online. It said it cost $13.& change. Below that it had $0.00 for the cost. It would be rude if the instructions are an additional cost. After all, it's not a Chilton car manual! As I told my insurance agent, "You do understand, I want to pay for my car insurance, not buy a car?!"


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