Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Gary Johnson: Fittest Presidential Candidate

Men's Health magazine features Libertarian Party presidential candidate, Gary Johnson, today. They suggest he might just be the most physically fit person to run for the presidency in history, although we have no idea the fitness level of candidates a hundred years ago.

They're probably right. I've subscribed to their e-mail list for some time and enjoy it. I just have to read about the best workout for my abs, never mind their obligatory How To Really Please That Woman stories they always include (I know, Johnny Maniac. Not for you)

Today's tip is why a certain pick up line never works. Not sure I'll bother with that one. Then again, if I get bored...who knows? If I have any complaint with Men's Health is they seem to write a lot without really making a point, althought the article on Johnson seems brief and to the point. That, and they have those damned things on the sides and top of the window that pop out and get in your way when you're trying to read.

Maybe they'll read this and stop doing that, huh?


At 8:52 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I hate those too. My friend uses an iPad which has a neat feature to avoid that. In the url bar, before the url, rests a stack of lines, which when clicked, takes the viewer to a basic page. No comment section, no popups, no adds, just basic glory. I'm contemplating adding one to my monthly bill, for that reason alone.

I doubt he is healthier than ol George was.


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