Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Sacramento Bee Blasts Stop and Frisk

In one of the Sacramento Bee's more clear headed opinion pieces, they attack Donald Trump's support and advocacy for New York's Stop and Frisk policies. They're spot on and go on to look at police transparency and other "law and order" issues in the Sacramento area. 

You can be sure this was intended to be blatantly anti- Trump. They wouldn't have written something like this about Clinton but, when you're right you're right:

" When a political candidate puts forth a strident “law and order” message with few specifics, we should all be afraid."

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At 10:48 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

They're both into destroying what's left of the Constitution. As is Jill & Weld. Weld, with his support of the tpp and patriot act.
The UN already owns over 3/4 of the land west of the Mississippi. Our Representatives keep grabbing more for them. They are useful idiots. They are all in cahoots to stop any backfire. They will one day be useless to the agenda and be disappeared. We will laugh as we slave away. It will be the hilight of an otherwise miserable life. Karma.
Somewhere, somehow, a spark of liberty will be reborn.
History always repeats itself.


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