Tuesday, October 25, 2016

AVA Endorses Ken Anton for State Assembly

Mendicino County's Anderson Valley Advertiser has endorsed the Libertarian Party's Ken Anton, in his run for 2nd district, state assembly. Ken lives in Elk in Mendocino County. No explanation provided but I'm not complaining. A win's a win! 

They do explain their recommendations for the ballot initiatives, though, and those are a good read and some make better sense to me than some of the recommendations I've read from larger papers.Their explanation of Prop 60- the porn condom initiative- starts off and remains a bit odd:

"Boonville's beloved newspaper has always argued that pornography itself should be banned."

In the AVA's own words: whatever.

Be sure to stop by Ken's campaign page at www.kenanton.org to see what he's all about. He also has a campaign Facebook page.


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