Thursday, October 13, 2016

My Letter To The Mayor

Thanks to whomever made me aware of kids going door to door on Halloween being panhandling, I wrote a letter to  Eureka's Mayor suggesting something be done to control the situation:

Mr. Mayor;
You may be aware I'm no fan of Halloween. However; someone just pointed out to me that Halloween does involve panhandling, albeit not by the homeless. The City has done its best to discourage panhandling by the homeless and less well off. Shouldn't we discourage panhandling by young children as well? Unlike panhandling by the poor being consistent with the human right to ask for help, Halloween kids generally can't use that excuse.
Always wanting to leave choices open, perhaps we could require a permit from families that want to partake in this mass panhandling operation? Maybe that's not necessary, but we should consider cracking down on panhandling by all these kids somehow.
Warmest Regards;

Fred Mangels


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The activity is much closer to door-to-door sales. You should lobby the mayor to redefine such sales as not requiring an exchange of money, and then require children to obtain a business license.

The child receives candy in exchange for entertaining the resident of the home. This is evident by the child having prepared a special costume specifically for the resident's entertainment. If the resident deems the entertainment not worth 'purchasing' then he says "trick" and closes the door. It's a clean cut case of exchanging goods for services.

But, your efforts will still fail. Per the precedent of the annual Lemonade Day, the city would approve a blanket business license for children within city limits lasting just for October 31 each year.

At 11:22 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I tend to think of it as prepping for graduation day.


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