Friday, December 02, 2016

Little House Trivia

One thing I can't resist about Facebook is the various things posted there that tell little known secrets of TV shows or actors. About the only downside is they seem to take forever to get through. There was one yesterday where they gave you an early high school photo of some actor and you had to guess who it was. The wife smoked that one as she's what's known as a super recognizer. Of course, it made it easier that for each picture they provided two names to choose from. Still, I hadn't a clue.

They had a thing on there yesterday called "Twenty Five Secrets About Little House On The Prairie", or something along that line. Being a Little House fan, I had to check that one out. I found out a couple things I found interesting, including one I'd always wondered about:

I'd never really thought about what the Ingalls were eating when they'd be at the dinner table but, the answer is, Dinty Moore Beef Stew was the usual fare. If mom was cooking fried chicken, it magically transformed into Kentucky Fried Chicken. Bet that just floors you to find that out, huh?

The one thing I had always wondered about was whether the actress that played Laura Ingalls actually got along with her nemisis- actress of the girl we all love to hate, Nellie Olesen off screen? Turns out they were good friends and actually had sleepovers together and such. I feel better now knowing that, don't you? I still can't help but hate Nellie Olesen, though.

Now that I've solved those mysteries for you, your day should go real well. No need to thank me. I'm here to help.

Oh, and one thing I read on Facebook yesterday from a different source: The location of the set Little House was filmed on is believed to have a lot of nuclear waste in it. That might account for the number of cast and crew members who ended up with cancer. Seems to me that would be easy enough to figure out, though.


At 3:31 PM, Blogger Henchman Of Justice said...


But Nellie was the way she was because her mom was an obsessive compulsive control freak that treated her hubby in demeaning ways.

Only few episodes showed hubby putting foot down, mommy feeling guilty and Nellie actually being kind......The son of the Ingles, with the cancer/disease.....those were touching episodes too.

Great family values, work ethic, pales in comparison.


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