Saturday, February 04, 2017

SacBee Does Humboldt Condor Project

The Sacramento Bee looks at efforts to introduce, or re- introduce, California Condors to Humboldt County. I may have mentioned this before but I saw one years ago, in Irvine of all places. 

Their last refuge is in the Angeles National Forest north and north west of Los Angeles. I was at home in University Park, Irvine one day looking at things with my binoculars from our second story deck, or whatever you'd call it. As I was looking around I saw a large bird approaching from the northwest. It was waaay up high. It came over University Park and started circling. It was huge. I could tell because it was really high up yet still looked really big. Kinda like a large turkey vulture but much larger.

I finally realized it must be a California Condor. It circled for a minute or so then turned and coasted back to the northwest in the direction of home. I was impressed and still feel privileged this day to have seen it. 

If it was so easy for them to glide down to Irvine, I'm surprised I hadn't seen more of them.


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