Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Tired Of The Bush Bashing

Not much to comment on in Humboldt today so I thought I'd vent on something I'm getting real tired of: Blogs that do nothing but bash certain people. I have some bookmarked that I check every day but I'm getting ready to dump at least a few of them.

I'll be the first to admit that I'm no fan of George Bush, even though I did vote for him the first time around in the primary, although I was actually wasting my vote since primary election results are determined by caucus, not popular vote. First, I thought he sounded relatively in favor of less government, but most importantly, I really disliked John McCain and didn't like the way the media was trying to make him out to be the best thing since sliced bread. Since then, I've almost come to the conclusion that Bush might well be the worst president in my lifetime so far, maybe even worse than Clinton. I say "might have" because prior to the internet I think most of us had little knowledge of what really was going on in politics except what little we could gather from the limited sources of info such as TV and print news, so it would be hard for me to compare, Bush to Carter or Nixon.

That said, what is it with the Left that they're so obsessed with hatred for this man and all they can do is blog about how everything bad happening is Bush's fault? What really gets me is if the same things were happening under Clinton, the vast majority of these people wouldn't say a thing. Either that, or they'd place the blame elsewhere.

First we have the anonymous Lost Coast Smuggler, with his blog that, while he says he has an opinion about everything, seems to believe that nearly everything is Bush's fault. I'll give him credit, though, that not every post he makes is a Bush bash, but that might be because he only posts one to three times a month.

Arcata resident Bill Kowinski's blog, Dreaming Up Daily, is getting a bit hard to handle now. Seems to me he's done a little Bush bashing before but, since this hurricane thing happened, he's pumping out thousands of words a day blaming the whole thing on Bush. I'll have to admit, though, I don't read all his daily posts. He puts too much up there and I don't have the time or the attention span to handle it.

San Francisco Liberal's blog's purpose is liberal criticism of conservatives, I can handle that. As of late, though, he's joined the rest in constant put downs of Bush, or actually Cheney, which seems to be his biggest hatred. Get a life SFL! I find some of his writings entertaining but following the rest of the Left with the Bush bashing makes his blog as boring as the others over time.

Having a slightly different target is the Hate Arnold blog I mentioned earlier on here. Even they must realize how boring their blog is as they seem to be posting less frequently lately. I'll probably keep this one in my Favorites if only because it's fun to post corrections in their comments. For instance, their last post, as of this writing, made a point of how low the Governator's approval rating was. I was quick to point out that, while that may be true, those same polls show the public approval rating of the Democratic controlled state legislature was even lower than Arnold's. Fun stuff to do.

I'm sure the Right does the same thing, somewhere, but I don't know that I've seen much in the way of day after day posts of diatribes against certain individuals. I'm sure they're out there, though. Most of the ones I frequent are just refutations of the Bush bashing sites and the major media, defending their president. I actually find those more readable than the Bush bash sites. It will be interesting to see if the Right does as the Left does should a Democrat take the White House next time around. Blogging wasn't really around back in Clinton's day but I wonder if we would have seen the same type of anti Clinton blogs then as we see today about Bush? I'm sure there'll be some along that line but I don't think there'd be as many.


At 2:41 PM, Blogger Jeff Kelley said...

I started to comment here, but got so long, so my comment can be found on my blog

At 8:43 AM, Blogger Becky said...

I checked out some of the blogs you mentioned - I will not be doing any follow-up. I have found that [most] people who think like this have no tolerance for other opinions, nor can they be reasoned with.
I have better things to do/read - like your blog :)


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