Saturday, September 03, 2005

LP Brings Blogs To Political Sites?

Interesting, if true. This commentary in the Sierra Times gives credit to the Libertarian Party for getting other political parties, specifically the Republicans and Democrats, to add blogs to their web sites. The writer notes that the LP blog still gets more comments than the Reps or Dems saying the LP blog once got over 100 comments as opposed to the handful posted to the other blogs. Seems like that would detract more from the blog to me. Are you going to read over 100 or even 50 comments posted to a blog? I'm not. I don't have the desire or the attention span. I think anything over around ten comments would be a bit much for most purposes, unless it was a topic of real interest to me.

Oh, speaking of blogs, the latest blog I've added to my list to check every day is Blue Flypaper. Hard hitting commentary there. Hope Blue doesn't come here and end up adding my blog to her black list. Probably not as I mostly deal with local stuff, or at least I try to.


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