Monday, August 29, 2005

To Hell With Memorials

I guess I'm just not one of those touchy feely type of guys, at least not as much I like to think sometimes. This item from today's Times- Standard irks me, probably more than it should. Fortuna City Councilman Dean Glazer seems to be upset that there isn't much support in his town for an official memorial ceremony or parade in rememberance of the 9/11 World Trade Center attacks.

Don't worry, Dean. Everyone remembers 9/11. What's the point in having yet another 9/11 memorial? Being one who wasn't surprised by the 9/11 attacks and certainly wasn't shocked, maybe it would be expected that I'm less than enthusiastic about participating in a memorial in rememberance of 9/11. But such proposals seem more to me as a way to try to boost the blind nationalism that reared its ugly head immediately following 9/11 and continues in some circles to this day.

Dean: If you really want to have a memorial activity in Fortuna commemorating 9/11, have at it. There's nothing stopping you from getting together a group of people to do so. But leave the government out of it.

Aside: I'd actually got wind of the 9/11 attacks a month or so before 9/11, although I wasn't told of exactly what would actually end up happening. If interested in the details, let me know in the Comments section.


At 2:40 PM, Blogger Jeff said...

Yeah, I'll bite. What kind of wind blew by you previous to 9/11?

At 7:46 AM, Blogger Fred said...

I'll admit I can't remember exactly when things in my life happen. Heck, I'd be hard pressed to tell you what I did each day last week. But, I'm sure I read this within a month or two before 9/11.

There was a news article linked to about that time that caught my eye about Osama Bin Laden. I can't remember what paper ran it but it was something like the Singapore Times or maybe one of the Australian papers. I can't remember. Heck, it might even have been a british paper.

Anyway, it's an article/ interview with and about OBL and there were some quotes he made to the writer in the article. At one point he's quoted as saying, "There will be a significant action taken against the United States within the next three weeks...". Hmmm...thought I. Wonder what he's got planned? I figured he was gonna blow up some embassy or something and didn't think much more about it.

I didn't even remember that article on 9/11 but still wasn't really surprised or shocked as nearly every one else seemed to be. It was some time later I remembered the article and figured someone else must have read it since it was in the news. I tried to do a search on to find that news article but came up dry. I even e-mailed Eric Garris at antiwar and asked him if he might remember the article or know a way to find it and he never replied. I think I heard later from some other venue he had some e-mail snafu around that time and had lost a bunch of e-mail.

Anyway, wish I could find that news article.


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