Sunday, August 21, 2005

Humboldt Business Council

Earlier this year a group started up calling itself the Humboldt Business Council. It's purpose was ostensibly to support good/ pro business policies in government, with the emphasis on local government I believe. They had some pricey dues requirement, the numbers of which escape me now but, suffice it to say, it left the average Joe or Jill out of consideration. But you could sign up for their e-mail list for free so I signed up. Haven't heard a thing from them yet. Their web site hasn't changed since it first went up, either. They still have an announcement on it for an event in February of this year. If people aren't gonna update their web pages, they should take them down. Either that or just have contact info and a little about the group and their purpose, which shouldn't change much over time.

I get the impression this group might be one of those shadow groups with mostly hidden membership and all- the kind that ran that hit campaign against Chris Kerrigan last time around. Certainly some of the same players are there, although some of the known players, like Mike Harvey, are out in the open and seem to be pretty decent, if partisan, folk. Wonder if we'll ever hear of HBC in the news again? I also wonder if the same people in HBC are involved with HELP, that developer oriented group that's challenging the counties General Plan land use policies?

Only time will tell but my gut feeling is the same people are probably the driving force behind both organizations.


At 2:58 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why won't they admit who their members are?


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