Sunday, September 04, 2005

E-Mail Terrorists?

I suppose terrorist is too strong a word for it but, you know, the people you hear about every now and then sending annoying, if not threatening e-mails to people often under the cover of anonymity? As Ken pointed out in his comment to my post on the Salzman debacle, Salzman's actions probably pale in comparison to those Humboldt Advocate newspaper editor Shawn Warford has been accused of doing. That being sending annoying and then threatening e-mails to some other newspaper folks.

I wonder how much of that goes on unreported and what do you make of people that do weird stuff like that? I know I've had a few e-mails like that over the years. Just yesterday, in fact, I got my second e-mail visit from one Al Baston as a result of something I posted on the Redwood Peace and Justice Center e-mail list. I'd sent a notice out for help in getting a civil liberties bill passed in the state legislature, something I would assume the Left would have an interest in, especially since the Green Party is working with the Libertarians in support of the bill.

So, this Baston guy e-mails me just like he did last time I posted some info on some marijuana legislation to the same list. This e-mail is almost to the word of his first one. Here's his mail, copied and pasted:

I'm a liberal, a progressive, not a regressive Libertarian, hiding behind republican ideology and philosophy.
I give my money, my time and my heart to LIBERAL causes.

Now FRED...I asked you once before, politely, not to send me any more of your near-fascist emails...If I receive anymore, I'm going to literally come over there, wait for you and rip out your fucking lungs!!!

Do you get the picture yet?

Nice touchy feely liberal, huh? So, I e-mail him back once again telling him I sent that e-mail thru the RPJC e-mail list and, if he doesn't like it, he should unsubscribe from that list or get the owners of the list to boot me. Then, since we'd been through this before, I sent a similar e-mail out on the RPJC list, along with a copy of his e-mail, telling everyone else that if they were also offended by my e-mail they should also unsubscribe or have me booted from the list. I did that mostly to embarrass Baston but I've occasionally received an e-mail or two from people on the RPJC list nicely asking me to take them off my list and I have to e-mail and tell them they're not on my list.

Anyway, not long after posting my second note to the RPJC list, idiot Baston sends me the following:

Your a fucking huckster, a greedy right-wing piece of shit, an idiot, no different than any other lying religious asshole, barking and hustling your lies for money! Go sell your snake oil ideology to the Limbaugh gullible you prey on.

Now shut the fuck up you little cunt!!! Because I am coming over there to give you the bitch-slapping you want and deserve!!!

What a guy, huh? I waited and waited and he never showed up. Bummer. Just goes to show that all sides of the political spectrum have their nut cases. Anyone out there know this guy? Phone book shows him with a Eureka phone number.


At 11:11 AM, Blogger Jeff said...

I don't know him Fred. What a sad case. I wonder if he's one of The Plazoid crew. Probably not, for even they attempt some basic courtesy and demonstrate some level of observation and critical thinking skills. He's seems to be a complete reactionary. Hey, I wonder if this'll earn me hate mail?

At 9:04 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

when will you post a blog on shawn warford threatening with lawsuits the eye, the journal, the green party and anyone else who looks at him the wrong way?

At 9:17 AM, Blogger Fred said...

I mentioned that earlier on. I believe you'll find some comments under the "Saltzman Exposed" blog entry. Don't remember if I have mention of it in the main post but I'm sure there is one or two in the Comments section of that post.

Coincindentally, The Eureka Reporter has a story on it in today's issue. They seem to echo a little of what I said which was, basically, they can't really go to far with this as the police have said they don't have enough evidence to prosecute although they're pretty sure who the offender was. I don't blame them.

You can read the story at

If that link is broken, just go to Link to the story is on the main page, upper right.

At 8:54 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

This guy is just plain SCARY !
Where do these kind of people come from? Why are they so [violent-oriented]? Is he maybe lacking is some other area[s] that he needs to try and scare people so they don't see his [other] flaws?
signing as anonynous because I DON'T want people like this to know ANYthing about me - including my name :o

At 6:03 PM, Blogger ΛΕΟΝΙΔΑΣ said...

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