Wednesday, April 23, 2008


How's that for a sensational headline?

Actually, Ken Anton, Chair of the Libertarian Party of Mendocino County, tells me Measure B isn't a real burning issue with him. Nonetheless, as I mentioned yesterday, he does oppose it and actually wrote some arguments in rebuttal to some pro- Measure B arguments he's heard. I put his arguments on a separate web page and linked them to the Mendocino LP web page for all to see.

He makes some good points and reinforces some of the doubts I have regarding the measure, primarily, will limiting the amount of pot plants one can legally grow do anything to solve the complaints?

I think I'll change my position on Measure B slightly to undecided whereas before I was leaning toward supporting it.

Ken also mentioned something I've noticed: Despite living in Mendocino County for some years, he's never noticed any pot growing, although he assumes there must be some around. I was thinking the same thing. Although I haven't traveled much off the highway in Mendocino, I don't think I've ever seen or smelled marijuana while I've been down there.

That said, I'm not saying there isn't marijuana down there, as the Ukiah Daily Journal reports today. Will Measure B stop grows like this? Looks like they're stopping it without Measure B.


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