Thursday, January 01, 2009

Burstiner: SHUT THEM UP!

Looks like Media Maven, Marcy Burstiner, has had enough of the Eureka Reporter editorials being published in the Times- Standard:

"...So besides wondering how long the T-S must print this ER craziness, I wonder how crazy it can get. Can Peter Hannaford publish whatever he wants on that page? I don't think that Dean Singleton, whose giant MediaNews Group owns the Times-Standard, would get himself into a situation where his editors couldn't censor anything libelous. So there must be some kind of out in the legalese.".

Hey, I don't find all the Eureka Reporter editorials all that riveting myself some of the time, but I'm not suggesting they shouldn't be published.

Seems to me it wasn't too long ago (did a short search but can't find the article- it was in the North Coast Journal) that Ms. Burstiner also commented on the Eureka Reporter's editorials, saying something along the line of, (paraphrasing here, as best I remember),"..[ the editorials] hardly mirror the views of the community...".

I realize Ms. Burtiner's the expert, but I think she's letting her politics trump any sense of objectivity here. Seems to me, editorials aren't supposed to echo the views of the community. They're supposed to be the views of a paper's editorial board, which may or may not be the same.

The Eureka Reporter editorials may not deal with local issues sometimes, but the Times- Standard's don't, either. Besides, they're on the editorial page, not the news section.

And it's interesting that she feels right in complaining at all over the Eureka Reporter editorials. When the North Coast Journal used their cover story for a lengthy Obama worship commentary this last summer, we didn't hear a word from her.

I'd be more concerned about a supposed independent news magazine turning their paper over to a political campaign than I would about differing opinions on editorial pages.

All that said, even I find it odd having two editorial pages in the T-S twice a week. Oh well. Just more to read.


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