Saturday, January 03, 2009

Freeze Warning?

It's 28 degrees in Eureka, as I write this. I'm surprised there isn't a freeze warning out.

I guess it's a good thing I woke up early this morning due to an unusual circumstance. I went into the kitchen and bathroom and turned on the faucets to let them drip. Hopefully the water lines won't break.


At 9:52 AM, Blogger Richard Parish said...

In Burnt Ranch our greatest fear for the waterline is that a cow or bear will step on it and disconnect it. Ours goes a half mile through the woods. It flows very well when the water is in it to push past the low spots, but when it comes apart during really cold weather, the low spots can freeze up. a couple of years ago this happened, and I had a great time repairing it in 19degrees.
The fun part was shooting huge lengths of 3inch ice cores out of the end of the pipe. some shot out 20ft.
Still, compared to life in cities, such as E. Los Angeles, I am in heaven, And I imagine you are also.
I have been checking out the local blogs, and I want to say I have nothing but respect for those who are not ashamed or scared to use their name. I've check out 6 or 7 today, and yours is the first one. Thanks for being real.
And what are people afraid of? Do they realize that it is a complete bore to listen to the musings of someone who won't even say who they are? I don't believe that each and every one of those people would be in some sort of danger of job-loss, or retaliation. Is it paranoia? Is it just a fear of exposure? if that is the case, why do they write a blog in first place.

At 3:42 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I left Hydesville at midnight Friday after a poker game and had to figure out how to remove the frost from my windshield before driving home. I tried using the defroster at full blast, but the engine was too cold. Then I tried the windshield washers, which helped a bit. Finally the combination thawed things out enough to drive safely.

... and kudos, Moviedad, for encouraging blog authorship and comments for attribution.


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