Monday, October 12, 2009

Skelton Looks At Campbell

Los Angeles Times columnist, George Skelton, takes a look at GOP gubernatorial hopeful, Tom Campbell this morning. It's no secret Campbell has been my preference out of all the major party candidates running for Governor. I still can't help but like the guy but I'm wondering again if I might just end up voting for whoever ends up the Libertarian Party candidate.

Shame, and I'd like to think I'm not being overly focused on some issues. He already seems to have backtracked on decriminalizing marijuana- assuming he ever supported that in the first place. That should be expected, though, shouldn't it? He'll have a tough enough time winning the GOP primary as it is without calling for an end to the pot wars. Still, I would of liked to see at least one candidate stand up on that issue.

Skelton mentioned a few other issues I hadn't brought into the picture in regards gubernatorial candidates: Campbell opposes offshore drilling, supports the so- called open primary and opposes moving back to a part- time legislature. I'm strongly in favor of offshore drilling and, though not firmly entrenched on the opposite side of an open primary or part- time legislature, I'd say I'm on the opposite side of the issue on those, as well.

Ahhh... what do I know? He still might be the best choice among the major party candidates, but it's highly unlikely he'll make it past the primary. We'll keep an eye on the candidates but won't worry about who to vote for until we've narrowed down the candidates a bit.

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At 10:12 AM, Blogger prof said...

Tom Campbell, like Diane Feinstein, would be very good for California's Defense industry. Likewise, like any professional bureaucrat, he would be most non controversial in decision making processes. He would likely govern from slightly left of center, but all else being equal, I'll go for the Libertarian candidate. Voting War Party (Dem and Repub) only encourages more of the same.

Noticed an interesting pair of bumper stickers here in town the other day. On the drivers side was "War is Not the Answer." On the passenger side, "Obama 08." Hmmmm?

Guess there should have been one in the center to read "Obamastan 08."

At 8:59 AM, Blogger June said...

When Cambell was a bay area politico he was also bad on gun rights. Don't know if he's changed his views on that at all.


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