Saturday, September 18, 2010

The Courage Campaign Push- Poll

For some reason I just had to laugh at the Courage Campaign's push poll I just received notice of in my inbox.

If memory serves me correct, the Courage Campaign was one of those groups started up by lefties in support of same- sex marriage. That's how I ended up on their e-mail list to begin with. Then, as they acquire names for their e-mail list they branch out into whatever left wing issues they feel like getting involved in.

That's kind of like the old group that started out with those who didn't want to dwell on Bill Clinton's Zippergate issue. Now they've moved on to any number of lefty issues.

The poll is a bit funny, albeit in a way I'd expect. They sent out an e-mail saying they needed all their supporters to help the Campaign decide what positions they would take on the ballot initiatives. Then, you go to the poll page and, with the exception of 3 initiatives I assume they haven't decided to take a position on yet, they try to encourage you to vote their way on the ones they support or oppose.

For example, Prop 23, which would suspend AB32- the supposed global warming prevention law- is described by Courage as, "Dirty energy proposition - Funded by Texas oil companies, Prop 23 would destroy our green jobs and clean energy economy by repealing our Global Warming Solutions Act.". Pretty obvious how they want you to vote on that one, isn't it?

After you vote, you're naturally taken to a page to make a donation. Whether your vote is counted with or without giving a donation, there's no way of knowing.

I didn't contribute, but I did receive an e-mail right away from the Campaign's Public Policy Director, hard- core lefty authoritarian Robert Cruickshank, thanking me for taking part in the poll and once again asking for a donation.

Don't hold your breath waiting for a donation, Robert. If I had money to donate for or against any of those causes, it would likely go to those supporting the initiatives you oppose.


At 2:59 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

All the political groups run those ridiculous polls and surveys.

And they all give the impression that your answers will have more weight if you make a contribution to the "cause."

Republicans do it, too. Hell, Fred, even Jerry Falwell used to do it.

So don't feel the people invented that approach.

P. S. It's so common, I guess, because it must be working!


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