Monday, September 20, 2010

A Haunting

Just got back from another trip to UCSF Medical Center. No travelogue this time. Not much to write that I don't normally write, except I was surprised to find out that the city of Novato, where we stay overnight, doesn't have anywhere near the number of pizza places Eureka does. I think I counted no more than 3 or 4 in the phone book.

Oh, and we ran into local gadflies, Dave and Penny Elsebusch, at the Novato Day's Inn breakfast room.

Oh#2, and the best news is we stopped at Cloverdale on the way back for some snacks. We used to always stop there on the way down and buy Quizno's sandwiches to take with us to Novato for dinner. That place shut down a while back and its closing was quite a blow to us as it was so convenient.

BUT THEY'RE COMING BACK! A sign on the old abandoned Quizno's place says "Coming Soon: Quizno's". No mention of how soon but there were some guys in there working on the inside today. How cool!

We kind of stumbled into the Discovery Channel's A Haunting show this morning. I turned on the TV just to pass time while Connie was getting ready for breakfast. A Haunting was the show that came on and I left it there.

It caught my attention. One of those paranormal shows about ghosts and hauntings done in a docudrama fashion where actors play out the story and the actual participants have short parts where they tell their part of the story. Kind of like those Rescue 911 shows, except this one's about ghosts. Pretty cool.

We actually left for UCSF a bit late because both of us got caught up with the first show. It runs 3 shows each Monday from 9am to Noon. If you like creepy TV shows you might enjoy A Haunting.


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