Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Hear, Hear!

Or is it here, here?

I've mentioned it here before and was thinking the same thing about the campaign signs showing up on lawns so early. Can't we hold off on the signs for a while?

From today's Times- Standard:

Surely we can't wait a little longer
Letter to the Editor
Posted: 09/07/2010 01:13:07 AM PDT

Here it is just the beginning of September and campaign placards and lawn signs have been popping up all around town. This, plus the ones that were not removed after the primaries in June. Really, must we be assaulted by this annoying visual pollution so far in advance of the November elections? Surely we can stand to wait at least until October before planting our signs, can't we?

Richard Van Hoose



At 9:18 AM, Blogger Rose said...

56 days to go, Fred, and it is all over.


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