Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Am I The Only One?

I'm hoping this is an area wide DSL outage. Why? Because if it's just happening to me, then I have to figure out what's wrong! If it's happening to everybody, then AT&T will fix it.

Was having problems from the get- go this morning and was only able to get to a few of my sweepstakes sites. Came home from work around 1pm and figured it had to be fixed by then but, nope, couldn't get anything at all with DSL.

Finally, I decided to try my dial- up connection and it's working quite well. Much better than last time when I had to use it. I can hardly tell the difference between it and DSL right now. Rather odd, as I often can't connect with dial- up if I can't connect with DSL. Lucky me.

Anyone out there?

Now to see if I can finish entering my sweeps.


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