Friday, July 20, 2012

Yet Another Presidential Candidate Matcher

I think I like this one better than others I've posted about before. Click on the Try It Now link to take the test. It not only tells you what candidates you most closely identify with, but also what political party.

I also found the Results By State (below the Try It link) interesting. You click on a state and it tells you how that state breaks down by support for candidates and political parties. I'm not sure how they came up with those results as they don't ask any personal info to take their test. Must be from voter registration info or something along that line.

I was surprised to score 95% Gary Johnson, 93% Ron Paul and 82% McMillan, with others further down the line. I scored higher with Romney than Obama. They also gave me 95% compatibility with the Libertarian Party and 72% with the Republicans.

Anybody match the candidate most opposite of the one they were planning on voting for?


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