Monday, November 19, 2012

Quibbling Over Klamath River Flows

I'm still an opponent of taking down the Klamath River dams. The dams provide water storage we might not otherwise have available for, among other things, raising water levels for fish migration if deemed necessary.

Still, the one thing left out of this most recent discussion over Klamath River flows is how the salmon managed to survive through the millennia before man was around.


At 9:51 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Henchman Of Justice" says,

HOJ is an opponent to leaving the dams in place because unobstructed waterways allowed river life to evolve. Dams are old technology. The water storage is for farmers, recreationalists and urbanites, not rural folks and certainly not for the aquatic life.

HOJ is for desalination plants paid for by the wealthy business class who retain private ownership of current dams; or, be charged to dismantle the dam @ 100% costs of the owner who is not in compliance after making mega billions.

HOJ is for historic contracts to be upheld and conformed too. This means the federal government would have to displace more farmers than native indigenous tribes (if doing the right thing the right way means anything, anymore).

Farmers don't really have much to stand-upon, but, the loss of grains/food is a political tool that was manifested over a century ago in order to complicate the future process (now) of providing justice to native americans for the theft of their land and cultural resources.

Screw the farmers up in the headwaters and basins (feds need to buy them out), their kin and blood stole property through government fraud and corruption; therefore, these farmers are heirs to nothing their own but the damage they are heirs too! - HOJ


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