Monday, November 12, 2012

Reason: Why Romney Lost

Nick Gillespie, of Reason magazine, has a rather long winded commentary on why Mitt Romney lost- and why the GOP continues its slide into irrelevance. The way I read it, is the GOP needs to become more libertarian. I agree and have long felt the same way.

Still, the only fiscally responsible and socially tolerant candidate on the ballot in most states was Gary Johnson and he got barely 1% of the vote. That doesn't bode well for fiscally responsible, socially tolerant candidates.


At 10:15 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Romney lost for a host of reasons, namely, offending a variety of constituencies in a variety of ways. White conservative males maybe didn't see it so much.

Then there was the issue of not really standing for anything, changing his position based on the audience he was talking to. The Romney presented to us in the debates was dramatically more moderate than the Romney we saw earlier in the year when he was courting right wing fundamentalists. If I hadn't known about the first Romney, I might have fallen for the second Romney.

At 12:40 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Henchman Of Justice" says,

Anonymous, are you joking? Anyhow, Romney's losing for a host of reasons were no different than why Obama was the winner. Merely winning or losing has really nothing to do with "offending constituencies" on the national level. Politics is offensive and the guilty get offended by accusations and the not guilty get offended by the lies and manipulations, schemes and ruses, rope-a-dopes and snow jobs, get it?

Funny how "white conservative males" is the only model used in your thoughts.

Last paragraph is accurately stated.

It is the duopoly, that is the problem confounded by "over-population". Know it! - HOJ

At 1:53 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

No HOJ, I'm not joking. A national candidate will find it difficult to win a majority if he offends too many constituencies. You can offend one, maybe several, but not as many as Romney did.

Offending women puts you at odds with as much as half the electorate. Add to those offended: non-white ethnic minorities, pro-choicers, non-fundamentalists (anyone who believes in separation of church and state), etc. and you have a vast majority of the country that can find something deeply offensive, a deal ender, about Romney if they care to look.

Of course, most people don't look, but enough of them did this time.


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