Monday, March 18, 2013

Got Daily Deals: Another Sales Gimmick?

Yes, it is. But this one might be worth it. My preliminary review:

Someone told Connie about an advertisement in the Times- Standard for Eureka's Fin- and- Feather pet shop. It was something about a voucher for 50% off or something along that line. You had to go to the Times- Standard web site to get it.

We went to the T-S web site and the ad was right at the top of the page. You click on the ad and it takes you to this Daily Deals web site. This deal is paying $10.00 for a $20.00 FNF store voucher. The deal is only good for another 13 hours or so, according to the site, but you can use the voucher through to September 30. Makes me wonder if there's some other catch and I might regret this?

We need some stuff from FNF so we click the Buy Now link. That takes you to a page for credit card and personal info. I elected to sign in with Facebook, and wonder if I'll regret that. I enter and submit my credit card info expecting to get a link to a printable coupon but nothing happens.

I check my e-mail right away and there's an e-mail invoice for my voucher which says we can't print the coupon until we're able to use the voucher. Then it says the "check the fine print to see when voucher can be redeemed". Uh, oh! Have we been had?

Nope. We go back to the Daily Deals offer page and the "Fine Print" is towards the bottom. It says the vouchers can be redeemed beginning March 25. Looking again at the e-mail invoice, there's a link at the bottom where you supposedly can get your coupon once it's redeemable.

We'll see if it works. I'll finish up the review after we've printed up the coupon and redeemed it.


At 3:06 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Henchman Of Justice" says,

Voucher process creates a subsidy for the business, but paid for by whom. The business gets essentially the $20 worth of purchases, the customer only paid for $10 of the $20 worth of purchases, so who paid the other $10 to cover for the "face value" of the voucher?

Seems like either FnF pays out 50% up front to start the program or the "advertizing company, etc..." pays the business 50% (or some other arrangement) of the voucher in order to include the business into the voucher program, but that in return, the ad company gets to "memorize" a bunch of customers credit card numbers and other personal information so as to bombard in the future with ads to help "create sales" or to sell information "second hand" to other credit information seeking "pirates".

Once, it used to be business was a handshake; then, business just entertained the customer whom walked into the store; and now, business just tries to eloectronically get into the customers pants (ie. wallet, pockets, personal information, etc...)- HOJ


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