Monday, March 25, 2013

The Freddy Gets It Right Again

It might be too soon for me to crow about this. Maybe we'll never know exactly who used what in the supposed chemical attack in Syria, but the latest evidence suggests I may have been right. reports that evidence so far leads to Syrian rebels doing it.

I wrote on Friday: "... the rebels have every reason to create an incident. I wouldn't put it past them to create an incident- real or fabricated- even if it meant making a crude chemical weapon to use on their own people. Then they could get the U.S. and the British to do their bidding for them. They'd have everything to gain and nothing to lose."

The rebels don't have anything to lose. As reports: "Incredibly, even though all the evidence now points to the headline “Syria uses chemical weapons” being wrong on two fronts, House Intelligence Committee chair Mike Rogers (R – MI) is still insisting that the incident is an excuse for the US to attack Syria and install the rebels.".


At 11:13 AM, Blogger Travis said...

The rebels do you mean al Qaeda a.k.a the Muslim Brotherhood a.k.a the rebels. The rebels that are regime now openly supports. Did I miss something are we supposed to be at war with Al Qaeda why are we openly supporting them in Syria. And now the Department of Homeland Security says returning veterans constitutionalist and libertarians along with white Christian gun owners are the major threat to America???


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