Tuesday, October 13, 2015

New County Sales Tax Proposal

Last night's KIEM TV News poll asks whether you'd support a new sales tax to pay for county transportation needs. At this point 90% joined me in a No vote. The Humboldt Consequential weighs in on the tax, as well, focusing more on the Board of Supes proposal to pay for polling to see if such a measure would pass.

Mixed feelings on paying for a poll. If such a poll showed voters support an added sales tax, I assume it goes on the ballot and we pay for both the vote and the polling. If they don't, we're just out $30,000. Kind of a glass half empty- half full thing.

I'll be voting No, if it makes the ballot. 

A similar measure recently failed in Sonoma County. From what I read in the comments in the Santa Rosa Press- Democrat, there was simply a lot of distrust in their county government to use the money on roads. I suspect the same might be true here.


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