Thursday, May 12, 2005

Wednesday's Pro- Government Rally

I was disappointed to see how many people showed up at the Pro- Government rally at the County Courthouse, yesterday. Of course, most of those quoted by the Times Standard were government employees and I would assume most present were government employees, as well. Most likely got paid whether they were at work, or not. One of them used the relatively new battle cry of the government education lobby, "We are not a special interest...". Oh really? Then why do you oppose reforms to state government?

I've said here at least a couple of times that at least some of the Governor's proposed reforms wouldn't make any serious difference in the status quo, but I support them none the less. One of my favorite editorial writers, Steve Greenhut, of the Orange County Register, addresses the Governor's reform proposals in today's OCR Editorial Page. As usual, he's right on the mark. Great minds think alike.


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