Sunday, January 08, 2006

Hwy 299 Fix Part of Governator's Bond Proposal

I'll admit I'm glad to see some work will be done to make Buckhorn Summit, up on Highway 299, a little easier to travel. I'm even more happy that Highway 101, down around Confusion Hill, is going to get some sort of bypass relatively soon, or so they say. That stretch of road is a nightmare and I'll be having to travel it regularly fairly soon.

That said, along with a lot of others, I'm not all that happy with the Governor's latest apparent cave in to the big spenders in the State Legislature as evident in his recent State of the State Speech. Seems like he just wants everyone to like him so is doing what he can to appease the people in state government that ran this state into the ground.

But, my opinion of the Governator isn't as fast and hard as that of some others. Past Libertarian Party Gubernatorial Candidate, Richard Rider, wrote his own scathing analysis of what he feels has transpired in the Governor's office. The Sacramento Bee's, Dan Weintraub, has a different take on it. Hard to say who's opinion is most accurate. Probably a bit of truth to both, but I think Rider is correct in forecasting the end result: No major changes for the good forthcoming in this state in the foreseeable future.


At 9:38 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's the same old story: Steal money from highway improvement fund or school infrastructure fund and spend it on stuff like tattoo removal for "rehabilitated" gang members or extortion payments to teacher union members and then go to the voters for bond approval.


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