Monday, May 08, 2006

A Shameless Political Plug...

well, kinda.

Got an e-mail the other day from the Lynette Shaw campaign. She's the 2006 Libertarian Party Candidate for Lt. Governor. Her main claim to fame being a somewhat well known medical marijuana activist. You certainly wouldn't know it from her web site, though.

In fact, there's no info about her on her web site at all, just some video endorsements. I've been told they'll be doing some remodeling on the web site soon. It certainly needs it, but it seems a little late in the game for that.

Anyway, they wanted to know if I wanted to arrange something up here so she could address the local libertarians. I had to tell them that I'm really not sure just who the local libertarians are anymore. I have a two or three old registered voter list and haven't received a list of card carrying, dues paying members for at least six months, probably longer.

But, I told them I'd give her a mention here and maybe some of the lefties that visit this list might belong to some organization that might be interested in having her speak to their group.

If interested, let me know. Funny how her campaign web site doesn't even have contact info on it.


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