Saturday, November 11, 2006

More Gun Control On The Way?

The short back and forth about locking blade knives and the fact that some on this blog think they should be illegal got me to thinking about something in the back of my mind: Now that the Democrats gained the majority in congress, will we see a resurgence of federal gun contol proposals?

One thing I'll say about the Republican majority: We haven't heard much in the last few years in the way of new gun control proposals. In fact, we even saw the glorious sunset of the so- called Assault Weapons Ban, no thanks to President Bush- him being in support of the ban.

I've read where a lot of Democrats have recongnized gun control has been a losing issue for them, some saying that issue was what brought about Al Gore's loss of his own state of Tennessee when he ran for President.

We shall see. Our very own Senators Boxer and Feinstein are rabidly anti- gun and I'm of the impression Feinstein might end up in some Senate leadership capacity.

As far as the House is concerned, it's been a while since we've had to worry about Democrats there pulling any gun control shenanigans, although there are more than enough anti- gun zealots in the House.

So what do you think: Will gun control rise to prominence as an issue again?

And what about knives? I hadn't realized lock blade knives were illegal for kids to have on school grounds. Will knife control become a bigger local, state or national issue?

I'd be hard pressed to think that there'd be any concerted effort to outlaw knives in Humboldt County, with the possible exception of maybe, maybe Arcata. Sure, Arcata's been involved on the wrong side (at least to me) of gun control issues a couple times before, but I've never heard any past or present Arcata City Councilcritters propose any sort of knife bans.

We've seen here at least a couple people that seem to be in favor of such laws. Whether they live here, or in the Bay Area, more and more people from down south who might favor such laws are moving here. Will we see knife control on the local council agendas?

Let's hope not. But, Jolly Old Authoritarian England has had suggestions of knife restrictions for some time. Next time I see any news articles on the issue I'll try and remember to post them here. Seems like a lot of the nanny state government stuff that goes on in England makes it's way here, eventually.

Hey, regardless of being on the opposite side of the issue from the knife and gun banners, I'm always here to help. Here's some places to get started with your knife ban proposals.

Just a few web sites. Find the kinds of knives you want to ban, either locally, or state or nationwide. Then make a list of them and send the nuts and bolts of your proposal to your representatives at all levels of government.

Let's just see which ones get right on it.

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At 12:37 PM, Anonymous mresquan said...

Politicians who carry guns themselves yet restrict citizens from the right to do the same scare the hell out of me.

At 12:42 PM, Blogger Shane said...

Registration lists are fine with me, but if Feinstein tries to outlaw handguns, she's going to have a lot of angry Democrats to deal with.

It really is a losing issue for liberals and progressives. Notice that people on the left like Russ Feingold and Bernie Sanders who are less anti-gun get more support from Republicans. They aren't moderate, but they take moderate positions when it really matters.

If the Democrats want to get anything done while they are in the majority, they need to stop trying to take people's guns and start punishing corporations who send jobs to Mexico and China. Issues that people actually care about.

At 2:17 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I too think that Dem's will dance all around the issue but do little. They got the anti-gun stuff shoved up their backside and only the lamest (or rabid) will want to go there again soon.

At 3:13 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Weimar Republic registered all guns in Germany during the mid 1920s. It was then a simple matter for the National Socialists to know who had guns and seize them in 1934 35. Ditto for Britain, Australia and Canada who have begun the journey down that road.
ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ!!! (translation: "come and take them") from our cold dead hands?

At 5:27 PM, Blogger Fred said...

Shane wrote, "but if Feinstein tries to outlaw handguns, she's going to have a lot of angry Democrats to deal with.".

Interesting you'd say that, since Feinstein is pretty much in there for the duration.

As others have alluded to- not here but in the papers- she has broad support. It seems she doesn't have a chance of losing, when it comes to re- election. And, of course, she didn't lose.

It seems too many people blow the gun control issue off, in favor of an Authoritian, who's "effective".

She's been elected, in a landside, again.

At 5:45 PM, Blogger Pogo said...

She has a concealed carry permit issued in San Francisco. YOU try and get one issued there.

At 7:02 PM, Blogger Fred said...

What I've heard about Feinstein, and I don't know how true this is, is she used to have a concealed weapons permit when she lived in San Francisco.

Not sure when she got rid of it, but I've heard she doesn't have one anymore. No need to, as she has bodyguards.

I think that's true, as I remember Mr. anti- gun, Ted Kennedy: He has bodyguards. I remember reading some years ago about one of his bodyguards getting caught at an airport in New York, trying to take an UZI onboard.

The gun rights folks had a field day with that one. Naturally, Kennedy had some excuse for it. Still, esquan's point is well made. Kinda like that bumper sticker you used to see every now and then:

Fear the government that fears your guns.

At 9:10 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Since when do senators get bodyguards?

At 5:30 AM, Blogger Fred said...

You have to remember that Ted Kennedy and Diane Feinsteiin are worth millions. I don't know if the bodyguards are paid for by the government or out of the Senator's own pockets, but I would think they could certaily afford to pay for bodyguards themselves.

I suspect they pay for them out of their own pocket. I know I saw Barry Goldwater at the Phoenix airport back in the 80s. He got on and off the plane all by his little lonesome.

At 9:50 PM, Blogger Shane said...

One of my favorite blogs:


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