Thursday, November 09, 2006

Prop 83 Already In Court

Prop 83, that Jessica's Law initiative that so many of you voted for, is already in court. I personally hope the court guts it.


At 11:20 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I do too.

I agree that sex offenders are bad. That there is trouble in the "justice" system.

I don't agree with this law.
Or throwing money onto something to feel like we've done shit about it, and a LOT of money for very little return.

And I'm sorry but interning anyone in a mental institution for an indeterminate time with no talk about the diagnosis to go with it, just for sex offenders, is fucked up.

Bringing real mental health into the prison REHABILITATION system might help.

At 1:41 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

A. there is no rehabilitation in prison and hasn't been for sometime now.

the law says prison is about punishment not rehab.

b. Sex offenders can get treatment in prison if they want it...they have to ask and they don't.

c. you can rarely stop this by treatment. (usually is a sexual identification issue - )

d. You can't force treatment on anyone whether it comes from drugs, alcohol or sexual deviancy....I REPEAT - YOU CAN'T FORCE TREATMENT ON ANYONE AND HAVE IT WORK! So, I say protect the community and the kids and keep these people away from schools and parks where they can reoffend easier

At 2:27 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I say we kill the sex offenders.

At 5:24 PM, Blogger Fred said...

Yep. Love that blind hatred. Never mind that this means sex offenders will end up being centered in Eureka, or other rural areas.

Love that hatred.

At 4:30 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

there is NO treatment for child molesters, with the exception of capital punishment which is out of the question.

At 2:24 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh come off it ABCD. I know you don't know me because I'm anonymous also, but everything you wrote there is very well known by anyone who'd be reading a libertarian blog on the internets using their computer.

Yes, it's all very well and good to "Protect Our Children" in word and vote but it's meaningless when you actually read the detailed line by line bill that was voted in. It does NOTHING to protect and will only cost us a great deal of money and really isn't constitutional as it is.

The part where they say they can intern anyone convicted of a sex offence in a mental facility? This is for an unlimited period of time. No trial, no diagnosis, no comment about whether a fully served prison term actually negates their actions. I mean, damn. That's, as I said: fucked. up.

Which isn't to say I'm on the side of the offenders. No shit, they are bad people. Tell me something constructive and useful. Tell me something that I don't know, having worked as a victim's advocate and on rape crisis hotlines etc

Yes, sexual offense has much to do with sexual identity. No, that may not be treatable. Therefore, putting someone into the ol' loony bin because it's a law now and you can't deal with the fact that there are seriously fucked up people on our streets in our daily lives, is wrong, it's backwards, it's unconstitutional, it's unAmerican, and it was passed in a landslide as part of this feel good bill here in California.

And let's talk about the whole GPS tracking absurdity.

BILLIONS of dollars poured into something that will not prevent child rape. What, there are going to be paid security monitors on every sex offender watching their GPS track and when it appears they've gone near a child, maybe, the black ops copters are going to swoop in with Arnie and save the day? No? Oh. Well what good is it then? Yeah, it might help them get caught but it does nothing to keep kids safe.

What were people thinking.

How can you read the bill and vote it in?!

Yes, it's an issue (hello, thanks Mark Foley for reminding us how deeply woven it is into the fabric of every day life!). Yes, we need to find working options and solutions. No, this bill does nothing but stick us in court and dillute the next one on the ballot that may actually be reasonable and workable, or if not the next, then the one after that. See what I'm saying?

It's an unreasonable, feel good, throw money at the problem so we dont have to think about it piece of shit bill that does nothing for anyone and sheds no light on the issue. It keeps politicians from having to do their job. It keeps us from having to think about this. It gives false hope that it will fix the problem. And the horrible thing is there will be another offense, and another, and another even if all of it went into place and everything was working perfectly. We are all responsible for paying attention and not ignoring the problem or the signs or hiding and hoping this will "fix it" until the next big case is publicized and the next big bill is passed.

My comment about prison and mental health and rehabilitation was hyperbole, I'll grant you that. It would help to think that while these people are in jail someone would at least be working out ways to 12 step them away from sexual offenses at the very least.



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