Saturday, May 19, 2007


Hmm... I see why that post on the Republicans yesterday originally wouldn't allow comments. Apparently blogspot made some changes to their pages. Now, when I post something it seems to automatically disallow comments. I have to click a button to allow comments.

Did that happen with anyone else?


At 8:31 AM, Blogger Fred said...

Except it didn't happen with this post. This one went up with comments allowed.

Maybe what you choose for the first post of the day is the default choice for the rest of the day?

We shall see.

At 9:07 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Airport post has comments turned off.

Are you assigning labels to posts? I think maybe blogger has a bug where it turns off comments sometimes, but not always, when you assign labels to a post.

At 9:47 AM, Blogger Fred said...'d I miss that?

I never signed labels to posts until the other day when I put that Family Service Announcement thing up on the plant sale. Never even knew how to do that until then.

At 11:19 AM, Blogger Carol said...

This happened (no comments) to my post yesterday called Shifting Gears. Neither Greg and I could figure out what happened.

At 11:31 AM, Blogger Fred said...

Yeah. I never paid much attention to it before, but there's that link at the bottom left of the Composing window that says Post Options. You have to use that to allow or comments or not.

Tried it the first time when I posted the plant sale ad as I was considering not allowing comments for that one, then decided I would allow comments. I was wondering if maybe somehow that started the glitch, but I think not.

I noticed blogspot was modified to where compositions are automatically saved, rather than having to manually "Save as Draft" like it did before. When they did that, I think the glitch came along with it.

At 12:27 PM, Blogger Carol said...

Found it. Fixed it. Thanks, Fred!

At 12:38 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's actually done by post gremlins. Little known fact.

Far as I know, there's no way to appease 'em. They do as they please. Best you can hope for is to not get on their bad side. Otherwise you'll never see another comment.

Problem is, nobody knows how to not get on their bad side either. So it's pretty much out of control.


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