Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Special Interest Recommendations

Here's the first of special interest recommendations for candidates in the upcoming election. They're special interests because they deal with special interests. Unions are special interests. Businesses are special interests. Gun groups are special interests. Environmentalists are special interests. Political parties are special interests.

I'll mostly post recommendations from libertarian/ conservative groups since those are primarily the ones I get my hands on. Besides that, I'm sure Eric Kirk will post all the lefty interest group recommendations that he runs into.

First up comes the Libertarian Party of California's recommendations on the upcoming ballot initiatives. I see they "stood aside" on three initiatives: 4,5 and 9. Otherwise their recommendations echo mine, if memory serves me correct.

I just wish they'd make a brief explanation- two or three sentences, maybe- as to why they took their position. I've recommended that umpteen times in the past, to no avail.

Next comes the hard- core Gun Owners of America ratings of congressional candidates. This, of course, is how GOA rates the candidates on gun rights related issues. The recommendation is made by giving a high mark (A) as opposed to a low mark (D-F). No senators up for election this year so you won't find them listed.


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