Thursday, February 19, 2009

Budget Battle Over...For Now

Despite the headlines in today's Times- Standard, it looks like the Senate passed a budget early this morning and it's now headed to the Governor's desk for signing.

They finally got the one vote needed after concessions made to one Republican. Among those concessions was approval of a constitutional amendment to establish an open primary system. What's with that and what does that have to do with the budget?

One good thing, at least from my point of view, is they also eliminated the proposed 12 cent gas tax increase. Gas prices are high enough for those of us that have to travel long distances at times.

As far as what the total tax increase will cost you, the Sacramento Bee has this tax calculator available. Just replace the numbers with ones that apply to you. I came out much better than expected at an increase of only $182 more in taxes a year. Taking away $44.00 for the elimination of the gas tax increase, that's only $138 a year.

Not bad. I can live with that.


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